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Davide Nicco

Meet Davide Nicco, a man deeply connected to a small village in Italy. Growing up in a tight-knit community of just 2000 people, Davide absorbed life lessons from his parents: his hardworking mother from the bank and his father, who was at the local butcher shop. They taught him about love, respect, and the significance of saving.

In his family home, sayings like "money don't just appear" and "always save some for later" were commonly heard. These phrases showcased the mindset of a typical middle-class family in Italy. Yet, as Davide matured, he began shaping his own dreams and aspirations. This inner drive led him to pack up and move to America, the land of new beginnings and opportunities.

In America, Davide's idea of success wasn't just about financial gains. He sought a holistic life enriched with experiences, happiness, and meaningful connections. Eager to grasp this fuller sense of life, he reached out to and learned from those who embodied the kind of success he yearned for.

A significant part of Davide's identity stems from his lineage. His grandfather, Gaspare, was a brave member of the resistance against fascism and Nazism in Italy. To honor Gaspare's legacy and the values he stood for, Davide named his initiative "Ngaspy" – a nod to his grandfather's name and unwavering spirit. Through Ngaspy, Davide not only carries forward the lessons from his past but also integrates them with his visions for the future.


Embrace the future with the lessons of today, forging a legacy of unstoppable success -

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